Consulting and assistance

Consulting and assistance at every stage of cooperation and processing of individual reservations are a priority for us in serving our Customers.

You will be assigned a dedicated customer support specialist as early as at the initial phase of negotiating the terms and conditions of our cooperation.  This person will be tasked with maintaining regular communication so as to work out, based on information obtained, all factors necessary to be taken into account when pursuing the business trip policy, including: the authorization of the individual employees to book, special agreements with hotels and airlines, preferred service providers, limitations on bookings resulting from positions held in the company, reporting standards and other.

If requested, we will provide you with a dedicated customer support specialist or specialists (depending on your needs) who know both the travel policy of your company and the preferences of the individual employees. It is the consultant’s job to always present offers and to provide consulting so that a choice is made which will be consistent with the business trip policy and will assure the comfort of the traveller.